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online-jobs-in-sri-lanka by prathilaba

Today will learn about potential work from home online full time and part time jobs in Sri Lanka. Modern technology like high-speed internet connections, smartphones, tabs and laptops have made working from home easier than before. Even things like more and more businesses coming online mean more and more online job offer vacancies in Sri Lanka too.

So let's see a list of possible latest online job vacancies in Sri Lanka but remember that all these jobs do need hard work and patience. If you are already working and at least have some years of work experience then you may have an added advantage guys

1. Become an Online Freelancer -  Full time and part time job vacancies in Sri Lanka

If you are good at content writing in English or even local languages like Sinhala or Tamil you can become a good online content writer locally while if you know other languages like French, German or Mandarin ( or even any popular foreign language )you can find even more opportunities.

If you are good at graphic design, digital marketing or web designing, you can become an online IT freelance service provider easily.  So basically not only those two categories but if you know any service that you can offer remotely, then you can do that too as an online freelancer.

Where can  I find freelancer job vacancies in Sri Lanka as a full time or part time offer?

Online Local work from home job opportunities: First do some projects for your friends and family members ( if you don't have a big portfolio yet, this is going to be the best approach mate ). Then you will be able to get some more opportunities for sure. You can provide most of the local businesses your services from home nowadays ( just write to them via email and if they have an opportunity, they may get in touch with you ! ).  So when you contact local businesses you might get full time or part time offers to work with them remotely! Never give up!

Online Overseas full time or part time jobs from home in Sri Lanka: This is the best part. 🙂 Once you have some work under your portfolio ( if you don't have any, why don't you do some sample work. So that you will be able to convince your potential customers ). You can join sites like,, ( formerly known as Odesk ) or similer freelance web sites and offer your services online from home in Sri Lanka!  If you carefully look at those who are already providing services in those sites, you will notice that those who have good reputation tends to get more work than others. So build trust first by offering a good set of services without thinking about the costs for you. Once you reach around 10 - 20 completed tasks, you can slowly increase your fees.

Tip: Once you join the freelance sites for the first time, study how others that offer similer services have listed them self ( look at the profiles or service listing ). Don't copy them as you may get delisted but get an idea from them and make a profile using your own words ( You can find a good content writer from iwriter or from those freelancer sites itself in case you need some better articles )

2. Blogging in Sri Lanka - Top blogging jobs Sri Lanka

You can start a blog on any niche  (eg: If you are an architect, you can start a blog related to 'architectural guidelines for beginners'  ). Include as many articles possible and then keep on writing at least weakly basis. Share them on social media ( also use newspapers or even tv commercials to promote it to get more traffic depending on your budget ).

Then get Google AdSense or similar ad network added to your website. Patience is the key to success in blogging in Sri Lanka. So basically you can do this as a work from home online part time jobs in Sri Lanka. It does not matter whether you do a government or private jobs in Sri Lanka. You can do this as a part-time to make some extra revenue at home.

Once you have enough income from it, probably then you can do it on a full time basis. You can refer our Blog Writing Guide in Sinhala article to learn it step by step as a beginner to blogging.

Also, you can write blog posts or articles for certain websites and make a revenue. Some may pay you a one time fee or a fee based on what they earn from that article. So try contacting reputable websites, blogs or any similar site and see whether they have any opportunity of that nature. If So, you can do it on a part time basis at home!

3. Online Forex Trading in Sri Lanka

You can trade forex online using a reputable forex broker like ICMarkets, Pepperstone, Tickmill or any similarly regulated broker. Generally what you have to do is analyze the price movement of currency pairs or assets ( You can do it using forex chart patterns or candlestick patterns etc.. ), then place buy/sell orders.

The risk factor is high in these types of self-employed like online jobs but at the same time reward is high as well (eg: If you invest $100 per trade and say you are unsuccessful. You may lose up to all of that $100 ( as most brokers protect you from negative balances nowadays) but say you are successful, you might even get $150 ~ $1000 even depending on the price movement with that 100 dollar investment! ).

You can do it as a part time jobs from home initially and then when you are successful, you may do it on a full-time basis. One important thing is don't forget the risk factor involved. So practice in demo. Then invest only what you can afford to lose in case your analysis is not correct for each trade.  You can refer IC Market Forex Tutorial or Tickmill Forex beginner guide to learn more about online trading in Sri Lanka. You can also refer Skrill beginners guide as you will need an e-wallet to receive your earnings!

4. Online Options Trading in Sri Lanka

Same like Forex, You can trade options online using a reputable broker like, Olymp Trade or any similarly regulated broker while at home.  The risk and reward factor in bo trading is also high. So trade only using what you can afford to lose.  You can do trading as a part-time job-s in Sri Lanka during your free time.

5. Crypto Trading & Buying in Sri Lanka

5a) Crypto Trading

You can trade many crypto pairs using Binance or . Also you can trade some crypto pairs via  ICMarket or any similar forex brokers. You can analyze the charts to make better predictions using chart patterns and candlestick patterns ( similar to forex and options ). Remember that this is a very high risk - high reward earn money online job method. So trade wisely. Use only funds that you can afford to lose.

5b) Buying& holding Crypto

You can buy crypto easily nowadays using Binance or  and hold it for say 3-10 years to get a good yield.

For example the price of Bitcoin around September 2017 was $5000. Early this year,it was above $60,000. If you had bought $1000 worth of btc at that time. You would have made $5000 profit in 4 years time! So same way buy some and hold it for at least 3-10 years. Don't panic and sell it quickly!

Try to buy and hold ( 3- 10 years) as much as possible of following coins  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, Polkadot, Uniswap, Chainlink, Litcoin, Polygon, Stellar, Binance Coin, VeChain, Neo, coin,Sushi,Dogecoin.

Also buy at least  $10 -$100 of  Safemoon, Tron, BTT, Shiba Inu as well. If the price of these coins go up, it will give you a good return. For example, around 2017 the price of Dogecoin was $0.003 (Doge was was considered at that time as a useless mem coin and most people said to stay away from it ! 😀 ) . If you had bought at least $50 of Dogecoin at that time, you would have got an awesome amount of profit by now! So buy as much as possible from money that you can risk and wait for few years!

Read How to buy Crypto article to know the method of funding your crypto accounts.

Again Remember that this is a very high risk - high reward earn money online job method. So trade wisely. Use only funds that you can afford to lose.


6. Sell Photos and Videos Online online jobs in Sri Lanka

Are you good at taking photos? got a high-quality DSLR camera or a camera that can be used to take high resolution photos ( 4MP or higher photos ) ?  Then this is for you.  You can take photos and submit to world's number one photo and video website Shutterstock.

You will receive payments depending on the purchases made by users.  You can try with photos taken using your smartphone or normal camera, if the photo size and quality are good ( 4mp or higher photos ). They may accept your photos too! A nice way to make passive income while at home in Sri Lanka !

You can also upload videos to sites like Shutterstock and make revenue.

Photo / Video uploading is one of the good online jobs for students too in Sri Lanka. Many students in other countries tend to do this during free time.

Read ' How to upload photos and videos to Shutterstock and earn money tutorial ' ( English ) to learn the step by step process..

Note: Make sure that you have the full ownership of the photo/video before uploading otherwise you may have copyright issues later on. So think wisely and do guys!

7. Become an online consultant/guru -  Job vacancies in Sri Lanka

Many people need various one to one type of guidance. So set up a website using a freelance web designer in Sri Lanka and then include the consultancy packages/services that you offer. You can also start a Facebook fan page and group too to build your audience and get potential customers.  Sectors that can be provided as consultancy includes healthcare, sales, marketing, business management, educational, pets, online trading, farming, industrial, Artifical Intelligence, Robotic, Crypto and many more!

You can offer consultancy services as a part-time job or full-time job in Sri Lanka.  Some of the services you may be able to offer remotely using modern technology like Screens Sharing apps, communication apps like Viber, WhatsApp etc..

One more thing, You can offer your consultancy services via sites like Udemy too.

8. Write ebooks and sell online - ebook selling top jobs Sri Lanka

Similar to writing books you can write ebooks ( if you are already an author, you can start making online versions of your books and register them accordingly ). Then you can sell them on popular platforms like Amazon or Ebay. Optionally you can set up a website and start selling them directly.

9. Start Drop-shipping Online Business - Selling part time jobs from home in Sri Lanka

You can easily start an online drop-shipping business. Ideal part time jobs from home in Sri Lanka for housewives or those who have free time. One of the good homebasework jobs for you.  You can set up a wordpress website and then use the Aliexpress drop shipping plugin ( Optionally you can get the website also done with them ) to import the products that you are going to sell to your customers.  Add your required profit margin on top of the original price.

How does the order process work in the drop shipping business? Customers place orders and then you can place orders manually or automate the order system so that customer order will be placed in Aliexpress as well. Order will be delivered to the customer by Aliexpress seller and you can keep the margin! The success of the store mainly depends on your customer service, chosen products, and reliability of sellers. So always choose products from best sellers whenever possible. Beginners Tutorial for Dropshipping in Sri Lanka

10. PTC - Paid to click to earn money online jobs

When you view ads on certain websites, they pay you.

Generally, the free paid to click websites pay very low amount like $0.005 ~ $0.01 per ad that you view.  Normally these sites are good to make a side income only if you are good at building a strong downline. Example of a free site is Neobux.

Well PTC or paid to view ads online is also a good work from home job in Sri Lanka if you understand the concept well and do it correctly =)

We will keep on adding more online jobs, as soon as we find them.

So hope these methods will help you to make money online as a home based part time or full-time jobs in Sri Lanka. Good Luck! 😎

Sinhala version of this article : earn money online jobs in Sri Lanka


  • M DHARSHAN says:

    I need a part-time job

  • Div says:

    I want part time job

    • Prathilaba says:

      You can start with one of the following
      Forex –
      Options –
      Upload Photos/videos –

  • Rizani says:

    Hi Is IQ OPTION is good for forex trade

    • Prathilaba says:

      It is good broker for options. If you want to do forex try a broker from below article Rizani

    • Priyantha sampath says:

      I want part time job.

      • Prathilaba says:

        You can try online trading

  • Deanna Abeyratne says:

    hi I’m looking for a job to work from home as a supplier for cake bags and cake boxes. like to work with a company or shop etc full time. any vacancy email me. thank you.

    • Prathilaba says:

      you can try some of the work that is mentioned in the article. For example You can try forex trading or options

  • Deanna Abeyratne says:

    hi I’m Deanna from kandy Sri Lanka. I’m a manufacturer supplier for hand made cake bags cake boxes paper bags etc. ..I’m looking for a job to work from home full time. with a company can you please mail me regarding my job vacancy. thank you.

  • Indika Kumarasiri says:

    I would like to earn money using Blogs writing and Freelance writing on various topics.
    Therefore kindly help me to do such a Online job through the Website.

    Kindly regards,

    Indika Kumarasiri

    • Prathilaba says:

      Please kindly read the following article or

  • Piyumini says:

    I like this job. I like join us

  • Azeeema says:

    I want to teach online. I’m currently ICT and English teacher

    • Prathilaba says:

      You can try the 4th one on article.

  • Madhuka Dilshani says:

    I need a part-time job

  • Ranithma says:

    I need a part – time job. Actually I am looking forward for a data entry job, form filling job, ad click jobs, ect…

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