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1. How to open a live Tickmill forex trading account ?

Tickmill is one of the highly recognized UK based regulated and licensed Forex broker with offices in UK, Europe and  Seychelles.

You can register free using below link


Then you will get a page as below photo. Click on " Create Account"  in order to start creating the live account. ( If you just want to create a demo account,  you can use " Try Demo Account " but later on also you can create a demo account to practice)


Now you will get a page like below screenshot

Make sure the " FSA of Seychelles "  red tab is selected from top  (  You can choose FCA of United Kingdom, if you are a citizen of United Kingdom only )

Now fill the details and make sure you provide accurate details.

Client Type -  Choose " Individual "

Title - Choose " Mr "  or "Ms/Mrs" depending on your gender

Country of Residence - Choose your country

First Name - Mention your first name ( if you have a long name or several names at the beginning, put them as initials )

Last Name - Mention your surname ( last name in your full name )

Date of Birth - Mention your date of birth

Phone - Enter your phone / mobile number

E-mail and Confirm E-mail - For both mention your email address ( If you don't have an email,you can create one using or )

Then place a tick in front of " I declare that I have carefully read and fully understood the entire text of the Privacy Policy, which I fully understand, accept and agree with."

Then click on "  Proceed to step 2 " to go to next step

( If you get any error for incorrect details, correct them and click on proceed to step 2 button again)

Now you will get a page like below


State/Region - Mention the state or region or county ( eg : If you are in Western Province, you can state as  Western Province or WP in short format )

City - Mention the City / Town

Street, House, Apt  - Mention your house number / name with street address

ZIP Code - Mention the zip or postal code of your area ( You can get your postal code from below site or by googling . eg Nugegoda postal code is 10250 )

Are you a US Citizen for tax purposes ? -  Mention " No"

Level of Education - Here it asks about your highest level of education. You can choose " High School", " Bachelor's Degree" or " Master's degree" depending on your educational qualifications.

I am Employed - Here it asks whether you are working and getting a salary.  So choose "Yes".  Then another text filed will show, asking for  "Nature of Business". Mention your Job or Business Name.

The Source of Funding - It is asking the source of income that will be used  for funding the tickmill trading account . You can choose "Salary " or "savings ".

Gross Annual Income - Here it ask's about your yearly income. You can choose 1000 - 5000, 5000 - 250000 or anything depending on your income.

Total Net Worth - You can choose 1000 - 5000, 5000 - 250000 or anything depending on your income.

Trading Objectives - You can choose "Income" or anything that more suits you.


Under "Trading Knowledge & Experience", they are asking some questions from you. You can choose "Yes" or "No".  If you choose"yes", It will show a new field like below screenshot. So you can update that accordingly or select the same like what we have choosen from the list.

IB Code - You can keep the existing code as it is.

Password and Confirm Password - Enter the same password in both fields and make sure that you can remember it  ( The password has to be at least 8 characters with numbers, simple and capital letters otherwise you will get 'Use at least 8 characters. Must contain numbers, lowercase and uppercase letter' error until it is according to the format )

Then place a tick to the checkbox at the bottom and then click on " Open Account ".

(  If you get any errors, check the details again and click on "Open Account"  )

So then you will get a message like below one, if entered details are correct.

Thank you for registering for the Client Area of Tickmill Message

Now go to your email inbox and click on the verification link sent by the Tickmill forex broker ( Some times this email can go to your junk folder depending on the security settings. So check in that too, )


Now you will get a  dashboard like below photo


So this is the main Tickmill account where you can create any number of live forex trading accounts but we need to verify our identity before creating any of the accounts.

So click on "Upload Documents" orange button that appears on right hand side.


Identification - Upload a very clear scanned or camera copy of your  Passport , National ID ( English only ) or Driving License.

Proof of address - Upload a very clear scanned or camera copy of a utility bill or bank statement issued within last 6 months.

Now click on " Submit for review ".

So in about few working days you will get a approval email. In case, if your account does not get approved, they will mention the reasons. So you can correct and resubmit the documents again.

Once your account is approved, you can click on " Open Account " button  ( if it does not show, go to  "Traders Room " in Tickmill dashboard ). So from this only we create trading account ( account use to place trades )

Fill the details as below

Account type : Choose "Pro"
Currency : Choose "USD" or  "EUR"
Leverage : Choose "1:500"

Click on "Open Account"

If the account got created, you will get a message like below one.


Now check your email to get the  Account number, Trading password and MT4 Server details sent by tickmill. Keep it in a secure place as you will need this for trading.


2. How to deposit or withdraw from my Tickmill Live Trading Account?

Go to " Deposit " link in the account section. You will see a list like below.


You can use Skrill or Neteller to make deposits ( or any other methods that works in your country)

Also you can go to " Withdrawal " link and make the withdrawals too using same above two e-wallets.

3. How to place trades in Tickmill ?

You can place trades using Tickmill Web Trader.

or you can use MT4 Software ( much better ). Go to" Trading Platforms " link in Tickmill. Then you will get a similer page like below photo.

If you are using a windows computer, choose " Windows" and If you are using a mac computer, choose " Os X".

Also you can use "Android" or "iOS" based MT4 too, if you want to trade forex using smart phone.

Then you can place trades like in Meta Trader 4 Tutorial ( You can refer the video in it, that would be more than enough )

In case, if you find MT4 is hard to use, you can use ctrader supported forex broker like ICmarket, Pepperstone or Roboforex Forex Broker  ( Number of pips, profit and loss, risk etc.. can be automatically calculated in ctrader )


Sinhala Articles : Tickmill Sinhala Tutorial

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