Bitcoin Price and alt coins on the rise again ?


About 18 months ago the bitcoin price was way above 19400 dollars. It did rise fast but at the same time in a short period of time it came down very sharply. Those who read the charts correctly and understood the price action did well with high profits ( well all those who bought at high prices did suffer but if you manage to hold on to them, losses may have minimized.)

Well the good news is that the bitcoin has started rising again. The price is around $8696 at the moment ( You can use a site like Coingecko to learn about crypto currency prices from Sri lanka or worldwide ). So those who bought at lower rates are once again making profits. Try to read and understand the forex and btc charts so that you can get a better idea about price movement in bitcin. When the price is low, you can buy bitcoins from sites like Paxful , Localbitcoins or  Coinmama  ( local cards may not work so use alternative methods )

Altcoin prices seems to be low compared to btc. Ethereum – ETH ( $275 ) , Ripple – XRP ( $0.44) Litecoin – LTC ( $112 ). So you can buy at a lesser risk ( compared to btc ) from a site like Changer or Bittrex ( These are mainly exchanging market or trading market places. So you will need btc in order to get any other altcoin )

Well trading or buying crypto involves risk. So it may not be suitable at all for those are are not able to take a risk. ( if you are in debt or finds difficulty in making day to day expenses. This is strictly not for you mate. )

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