Make Revenue by Uploading Photos and Videos – Part Time or Full Time Jobs for you in Sri Lanka


Are you good at taking photos or videos ? Do you have a DSLR Camera / Smartphone that can take high resolution photos ( 4 megapixels or higher ) ? Then this is an ideal part time or full time job for you in Sri Lanka or any other country that you live !

So let's see the steps to follow to get this started and how to sell photos or videos online and make revenue !

1) Register with following photo and video selling website

2) Fill the details and register

Click on " Get Started" and then fill the details accordingly

3) Start Uploading Photos and Videos

Now you can start uploading photos and videos accordingly ( Make sure the photos are of high quality, focus correctly and does not get blurred when you zoom a bit ).

3a) Photos : How to upload photos to make revenue when some one buys them

Using " Upload Images" button You can straight away upload photos. Once Uploaded, fill the details accordingly and submit for review.

If the photos are approved ( will take few hours or days to  review the uploaded content ), they will be available on website.

If the photos get rejected, they mention the reason for rejection too ( Normally photos get rejected, if the are not focused properly, poor lighting, blur photos, too much noise, etc... )

Make sure that the photos are taken by you and you have the copyrights. ( Don't upload photos that are freely available or photos you have already submitted to free image portals or photos owned by others )

3b) Videos : How to upload videos to make revenue when some one buys them

Uploading videos need to follow following steps

1 - Download FillZilla or similar FTP Software

2 - Connect to Shutterstock’s FTP Server using below details

Host Name :

Username: Account username / email

Password: Account password

3 - Click on 'Connect' / 'Quick Connect' in your ftp application

4 - 'Upload' the files

5 - Then go back to your Shutterstock account. You will see the videos that you uploaded using ftp.  Choose the video/s and fill the details accordingly. Submit for review after that.  If approved, the videos will be available on live site after few days.

4) When will I receive money for photos and videos ?

When someone buys your photos / videos, you will get money to your Shutterstock account ! 😎

5) How to withdraw my earned money from Shutterstock

You can get your payments to Skrill, Payoneer or Paypal.

So in your account settings, use the most suitable payment method for you. ( If you are in Sri Lanka, use Skrill or Payoneer unless you have a Paypal account that can receive payment )

Payments are released between the 7th and 15th day of the month ( except weekends ) so no need to manually withdraw.

Good Luck ! 😎

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