How to earn money online with Dropshipping in Sri Lanka


Today will learn about how you can do drop shipping as one of the online jobs in Sri Lanka using Aliexpress drop shipping plugin. It is one of the popular method worldwide and a good way to earn money online in Sri Lanka.

What is exactly Dropshipping?

The process is simple.  Customer place an order in your website. Then you get the details of that order by the customer and place the same order in Aliexpress ( or any other place where you can get it at a lower price that will deliver the item  ). The Aliexpress seller will then deliver the product to your customer. So you are the middleman making a profit with the price difference!

So in order to do it, you need an automated system to make life easier for you. Aliexpress dropship plugin does it for you. So It is a pretty straight forward method. The good thing is these guys offer you two ways to get online as soon as possible. So let's see them, one by one.

Option 01 ) Readymade Custom Store - Go online quickly

One is they offer a ready-made solution so that they will be making your website and you don't have to know anything related to technical stuff. It is available as three packages ( You can choose and use any of the packages depending on your requirement )

Option 02 ) Get AliDropship plugin and setup your own website

First you can install and setup the WordPress website by yourself. Then you can purchase the Alidropship plugin and install it. You can test AliDropshipping plugin before making the purchase too using the demo link below.

Then you can import the products from Aliexpress to your store and start your Aliexpress drop shipping business in Sri Lanka or worldwide. You can refer below video to learn step by step instructions too.

Some useful tips when running a dropshipping store business in Sri Lanka or worldwide

Almost any business carries a certain level of risk. Same applies to dropshipping too. It is kind of a medium risk ~ medium reward business model.

So one important thing that you should remember is to choose highly rated ( So obviously those will be best sellers too ! ) sellers and only import products from them. The reason is a customer is only placing the order from your store while it is the Aliexpress seller that is delivering your item to that seller ( once you place the order you got at Aliexpress manually or using the automated process in the plugin ).

In your website, make sure to add more days for delivery than what you see at Aliexpress ( eg if  your seller delivers the good in 2 weeks, you better put additional days to be on the safe side )

Have a reliable payment method to collect payments from customers such as Paypal or Online card gateway.

Make sure you add enough margin to goods to make sure you make a profit!

Choose popular products so that it will be easier to sell than non commonly used products.

Is there is any other best ways to earn money online in Sri Lanka

Yes, you can find many ways to make money online using our website. For example,  A high reward ~ high-risk model earn money online method is Forex. You can try Forex trading in Sri Lanka using one of the popular brokers from Regulated Forex Brokers in Sri Lanka. Then another method is to trade BO using a Regulated Fx broker. Generally, Forex is high risk so invest only what you can afford to take a risk.

 Good Luck ! 😎

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