IQ Option Binary, Forex, Digital and Crypto Currency Trading in English

Learn about IQ Option Broker that offers wide range of instruments for online trading that can help you to gain over $10-$50 per day, when ever you are successful with your analysis & predictions of currency/stocks price movement. CFD trading on Forex , Binary Options, Digital Options Trading and CFD trading on Crypto Currency are the instruments that you can trade with IQ Option latest update.  You can read the below article to learn more about them and try 100% free.

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Binary Options in IQ Option Trading platform in English

Binary Option is a way of trading in which you need to analyze and predict the price of a currency pair at a fixed time duration. So you can choose any currency pair offered by IQ Option, choose an expiry time ( 1min onwards but anything over 4.5min would be better ) and choose an amount to enter the trade ( You can put anything between $1 -$5000 per trade but it is advised not to risk more than 1-5% of your total account size ). 

Choose "Call" option, If you decide that the price will go up after a certain time You can choose "Put" option, if you decide that the price may go down after a certain time. If your prediction is correct,  you will receive your investment for the trade + up to ninety two percent profits. If your prediction is wrong, you will looose only the amount invested for that trade. For Example ; You invest $10 for the trade that gives upto 92% profit. If your prediction is correct, you will receive $19.2 ( $10 invested amount + $9.2 profit ). If your prediction fails, you will loose only $10 nothing more. It won't affect your trading account total capital like in most of other traditional forex brokers.

You might be wondering how the analysis can be done right ? You can do it in two ways. One is to learn from the articles in our Prathilaba website, recommended other websites and then practice using the free demo account. Then you can start live trading with your own analysis ( In IQ Option you can always switch between live and demo account. So you can practice/try new methods in demo account while using live account too ). Other method is to follow a signal service but it would be ideal to learn and trade. Be your own boss don't depend on someone else ! 

Binary Option Quick Start Guide in English

Digital Options in IQ Option Trading platform in English

This too is almost same method like in Binary Options that we discussed earlier but only major difference is that you can decide new base price ( higher or lower price as the line between profits and loss ) instead of using the current price.  We generally call this base price as "Strike" price. The strike prices at the highest peak of the chart and strike prices at the lowest point of the chart gives very high profits. Sometimes you can gain upto 920% for some of those higher end strike prices.   ( Generally the reason is that the chances price going beyond those stroke prices are not very common ). You can also close trade early before expiry time. Normally highest and lowest point strike prices are good for those who are aware of the sudden price movements of the market as generally the expiry time for digital options is 1min-5min. You can try it by yourself as your getting a free demo practice account guys ! 

Forex ( Currency & CFD's) in IQ Option Trading platform in English

In forex, what happens is you analyse and predict the price movement without a fixed expiry time. Forex trading is actually one of the newest trading instrument of IQ Option platform. At the very beginning, it did not have a way to specify take profit or stop loss marks ( when to close a trade depending on profit or loss ) but now it is a complete system for forex beginners which you can use similer to MT4 or ctrader platform that you  get with most forex trading brokers. It is easy to use and good choice for those who are new to forex trading as the system does not allow your whole account to get wiped out like with other forex brokers ( as you will risk only the amount invested for the trade only ).

How to trade Forex in IQ Option platform ? Click on the (+) plus sign at the top of the app. Then from "Forex" or "CFD's" choose a currency pair or a company stock to start trading.  Choose an amount to invest from right side box, choose a value from multiplier box ( higher the multiplier higher the profit higher the risk ! It means your take profit value and stop loss value will reach faster ). Then from "Auto Closing" choose a value for "When profit is" ( this is the take profit value which is towards the direction of your prediction. You will gain profits ! ) and "When loss is " ( this is the stop loss value where the trade will close, if it goes against your predicted direction but by default this is set to "95%". So you can leave it as it is ). Optionally you can close or even adjust these take profit and stop loss values while trade is ongoing.  Then choose Buy ( If you assume the price may go higher than the current price ) or Sell  ( If you assume the price may go down than the current price ). Also using "Purchase at" button you can place the order at a different value instead of making the order at current market price.

For example, if you put $10 with multiplier as x50. You can go upto $500 profit while your maximum loss will be 95% of the invested amount for the trade ( It means $10 but generally when trade reaches 90% of the stop loss value. The trade will get closed. So actually you will loose only 90% ).

The main advantage with IQ Option Forex is that it is easy to trade than traditional MT4 trading platform ( MT4 looks like a software done in early nineteens ! ) with easy features. Even if you place a trade without using auto close features, you will risk only 95% of the invested amount unlike with other traditional brokers where your whole account may be at risk !

You can learn more about Forex Currency & CFD Trading by reading the following article :  Forex Trading with a Non Dealing Desk broker or dealing desk regulated broker in English

It is 100% free to try in practice account and also you can easily switch between practice & live accounts too !

Crypto Currency in IQ Option Trading platform in English

Crypto Currency is an virtual asset created by solving a kind of complex mathematical formula. Though it is seems to be new to most,  Bitcoin is very common in most of the developed countries and you can find bitcoin ATM's in some of those countries too ! So in IQ Option you can trade crpyto currency like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, IOTA, Dash and many more popular crypto currencies. You can click on "+" sign in trading app and choose "Crpto". Then from the list , you can choose any of the crypto currencies. Then choose an amount, pick auto closing values ( take profit and stop loss values. ) and then choose either "Buy" or "Sell" depending on your decision.  Same like in forex you can close the trade early or even adjust the  auto closing values.  Also using "Purchase at" button you can place the order at a different value too instead of making the order at current market price.

Crypto Currency trading is good once you have some basic idea about crypto as the price fluctuations is very high compared to common currency pairs or cfd's ( Note that the earning potential is very high for those who are aware of crpyto currencies price movement !). You can learn more about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency from sites like

If you want to buy bitcoin. Please read How to buy bitcoins online instantly as a long term investment - English article too.

Crypto Trading with IQ Option demo account is 100% free. So you can try it now !

Binary Tournaments in IQ Option Trading platform in English

Iq Option offers free entry and paid entry Binary Tournaments. You can enter free tournaments without investing any money. You will be given virtual money and if you manage to win a tournament, You can get free entry ticket as gift prize to a paid tournament.  😀

Also IQ Option has paid tournaments with entry ticket ranging from $1 to around $20.  If you manage to become a winner in a paid tournament, you can win around $1000 or sometime even more depending on the type of paid tournament. You can read the description in each tournament to know about the entry ticket fee, amount you can win and how many winners are chosen at the end of the tournament.

You can click on "More" button on left side of your trading desktop app. Then click "Tournaments". You will see ongoing, new and already completed tournaments. You can click any of the tournaments to read more about tournament details. You will see a button in tournament description as "Join the tournament". Click that to participate. If it is an ongoing tournament, You can start trading immediately. If it is new tournament, you will have to wait until it get started. ( You can easily switch between demo account, live account and tournament accounts ) 

You can try free or low entrance paid tournaments to learn more !

Remember !

Remember to always start with a practice account until you get familiar with trading.  Always deposit and withdraw money using  Skrill /Neteller for safety of your funds.  Once you are successful in demo account, You can start with $10-$50 live account. Trade with patience ! ( Place an order, only if all the criterias are met as per your trading pattern ). You can gradually increase your trading capital and amount per trade, once you are successful in that small trading account !

Good Luck !  😎 


If you want to learn about these things in Sinhala, Please refer IQ Option Binary, Forex, Digital and Crypto Currency Trading in Sinhala article.

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