What is BUSD (Binance USD) and Why it is called a stable coin?

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BUSD (Binance USD) is a stablecoin that was introduced by Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, in partnership with Paxos. It was launched in September 2019 to provide users with a stable and reliable digital asset that is backed by the U.S. dollar.

What is the all-time low for BUSD (Binance USD) Cryptocurrency ?

( 19th May 2021 )

What is the all-time high price for BUSD (Binance USD) Cryptocurrency?

( 13th March 2020 )

What is the maximum supply of BUSD (Binance USD) Cryptocurrency?


What is BUSD (Binance USD) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction in 2030?

$0.99 ~ $1.4

Daily Binance BUSD Price in Sri Lanka | BUSD to LKR | 1 BUSD to LKR

අද බියුඑස්ඩි මිල සිංහලෙන් | අද බියුඑස්ඩි එකක් රුපියල් වලින් කීයද?

BUSD price (LKR) / බියුඑස්ඩි මිල (රුපියල්): Loading…

Daily USDT (Tether) Price in Sri Lanka | USDT to LKR | 1 USDT to LKR

අද යුඑස්ඩිටී මිල සිංහලෙන් | අද යුඑස්ඩිටී එකක් රුපියල් වලින් කීයද?

USDT price (LKR) / යුඑස්ඩිටී මිල (රුපියල්): Loading…

Daily Bitcoin Price in Sri Lanka | Bitcoin to LKR | 1 Bitcoin to LKR

අද බිට්කොයින් මිල සිංහලෙන් | අද බිට්කොයින් එකක් රුපියල් වලින් කීයද?

Bitcoin price (LKR) / බිට්කොයින් මිල (රුපියල්): Loading…

Why BUSD ( Binance USD) is called a Stablecoin?

As a stablecoin, BUSD is designed to maintain a value that is equivalent to one U.S. dollar. This stability is achieved by backing each BUSD token with a corresponding reserve of fiat currency held in custodial accounts. This ensures that the value of BUSD remains relatively constant, making it a valuable tool for traders and investors looking to mitigate the price volatility commonly associated with other cryptocurrencies.

The maximum supply of BUSD is predetermined and transparent, with each token representing one U.S. dollar. This maximum supply helps to maintain the stability of the token by ensuring that it is fully collateralized with fiat reserves. It also provides users with the confidence that the value of BUSD will not fluctuate drastically over time.

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For those interested in purchasing BUSD in Sri Lanka, Binance offers a convenient solution through its peer-to-peer (P2P) trading service. By using the Binance P2P platform, users in Sri Lanka can connect with sellers who accept their preferred payment methods and buy BUSD directly with their local currency. This makes acquiring BUSD simple and accessible for Sri Lankan traders and investors.

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Once you have obtained BUSD, you have the flexibility to convert or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies using platforms like Binance. Binance provides a wide range of trading pairs, allowing you to trade BUSD against various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT, XRP or Litecoin. This opens up opportunities for diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio and taking advantage of market movements.

Furthermore, trading pairs involving BUSD are available on Binance, enabling users to participate in cryptocurrency trading with BUSD as the base or quote currency. This means that you can engage in spot trading, futures trading, or other trading options using BUSD as a trading instrument.

In conclusion, BUSD is a stablecoin introduced by Binance in partnership with Paxos. It offers users a stable and reliable digital asset that is pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar. Sri Lankan users can easily acquire BUSD through Binance's P2P trading service, and once obtained, they can utilize Binance's platform to convert, exchange, or trade BUSD with other cryptocurrencies. This flexibility and accessibility make BUSD a valuable asset for individuals looking to navigate the cryptocurrency market with stability and convenience.


What does busd stand for in crypto?

Binance USD

How to withdraw busd from Binance?

You can use Binance P2P to exchange it to a local currency

How to buy busd cryptocurrency in binance?

You may use Binance P2P Exchange

What is the difference between usdt (Tether) and busd ( Binance USD)?

When it comes to stablecoins, USDT and BUSD are two popular choices, but they do have some key differences. USDT, also known as Tether, was one of the first stablecoins and is pegged to the US Dollar. On the other hand, BUSD, or Binance USD, is a stablecoin issued by Binance and also has a 1:1 peg to the US Dollar.

One of the main differences between the two is their issuers. USDT is brought into existence by Tether Limited, a prominent company specializing in stablecoins. On the other hand, BUSD is issued and managed by Binance, a renowned and influential player in the global cryptocurrency exchange arena. Both stablecoins are designed to maintain a stable value by being backed by fiat currency reserves.

Another difference is the blockchain they run on. USDT was initially launched on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Omni Layer protocol but has since expanded to other blockchains like Ethereum and Tron. On the other hand, BUSD runs on the Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain created by Binance.

The usage and adoption of USDT are more widespread and have been integrated into various exchanges and platforms. BUSD, being issued by Binance, is more commonly used within the Binance ecosystem, making it convenient for Binance users.

Overall, both USDT and BUSD serve the same purpose as stablecoins, providing a safe haven for traders to hedge their positions or move funds between different cryptocurrencies. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and which blockchain ecosystem one is more comfortable using.

How to earn money online with USDT Cryptocurrency in Sri Lanka?

You can trade USDT Cryptocurrency pairs on Binance or Gate.io. Also, you can buy other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, BNB, XRP,RSR, Solana etc.. ) using USDT at lower prices and sell those cryptocurrencies at higher prices in future, when prices go up.

(Risk Warning: Your Capital Might Be At Risk)

What is the logo of BUSD (Binance USD) Stablecoin?

busd binance stablecoin - Earn Money online at home

Update : Binance Announces End of Support for BUSD Stablecoin By February 2024 - Switch to FDBUSD (First Digital USD) or USDT

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