Is it possible to make money online ? Tips for you !


How to earn money online ?, Is it possible for me to make money online ?,  how to make money at home ?, what are the online jobs that I can do from home ?, are some of the popular topics these days. Most of the guys want to start it today and make profit by next day ! isn’t it ? 😀 but patience is one of the key factors for success in online jobs or online businesses. Unless you have enough patience, online money making things will be not an easy thing.  So when you are not successful (within in few days), you will blame all the online money making opportunities.. saying all these are not possible and are lies  :mrgreen: 😀

So let’s see how we can go in the correct path to be successful with any kind of online money making opportunity.

  1. Most important thing to do first is to identify the types of online jobs or opportunities. Then choose the best ones for you depending on your skills. You can refer Earn Money Online Jobs at home . Try most of the opportunities mentioned in the article  ( Specially Forex, Options, Fiverr, Upwork, BloggingPhoto/Video Uploading online jobs in Sri Lanka ) as most of them are free to test, comes with trial periods or comes with low initial investment.
  2. Always provide correct information when registering with online opportunities mentioned in the above article.( For example,say your name is ‘ Shane Vandort ‘. Don’t put your name as ‘Shane Rocks’ or ‘Shane Max’  😀 )
  3. Then ready yourself with identity verification ( NIC, Passsport, DL) documents and address verification ( Water bill, Electricity bill, certified bank statement, utility bill issued by a reputable company etc.. ) documents. Some of the sites will ask for scanned copies while some will ask for selfie verification.
  4. Learn and study the chosen methods in depth.  ( If anything is not clear or got doubts, feel free to comment of those articles or email us ).
  5. Then it is time to practice the things that you learnt. Take as much time as you want. Doesn’t matter if it takes even weeks, months or years. Because practicing is one of the key important things as well.
  6. If you are successful during practice time. Then you can slowly start doing it for real / seriously.
  7. Never ever give up !  because the time it takes to be successful or make profits will depend on various factors ( level of intelligence, practice, time to work & money etc..  ). Basically these things can vary from individual to individual. So never give up until you are successful guys !

Hope these tips will be useful to you..! Good Luck ! 🙂 

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