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Open Trading Network (OTN) in English. How to get Free OTN Tokens and buy OTN tokens.

- This is no longer available on trading platforms. Instead trade crypto -

Open Trading Network (OTN) is a blockchain based alt crypto currency.  The goal or the idea of open trading network is to provide a common platform for blockchain exchange networks.

Only 100 million OTN's will be generated ( In Bitcoin crypto currency the total btc volume is 21 million )in three phases.  42 000 000 OTN tokens will be released to general public by open trading network. Then 28 000 000 OTN tokens will be distributed among the share holders and  30 000 000 tokens will be distributed among possible partners that will help the network to grow.

Bitcoin ( Main crypto currency ) didn't worth a penny at the beginning but today it is almost over $16,000 ( per bitcoin !) So we assume with time the OTN price too will go higher from current price.

You can get some more idea about OTN token from below video too.

You can learn more about it using , the official website of Open Trading Network ( OTN ). So let's see how we can get some OTN tokens !

1. Get OTN Token Free by Trading Crypto in IQ Option

IQ Option is the main sponsor of OTN Token.  So when you trade any  type of crypto using the IQ Option trading platform, you will receive a certain amount of OTN token's as a gift.  More you trade more you get !

Getting OTN to OTN wallet

In IQ Option trading application, choose "OTN TOKENS" ( Number 1 ) from the left hand side menu bar. Then from the window as shown in below screenshot, you will be able to know the amount of OTN tokens in your account. If you want to transfer the OTN's from IQ Option to a OTN wallet, you may do it using "WITHDRAW" ( Number 2 ) button ( myetherwallet or any  ERC-20 Tokens supported wallet can be used  ).  In the next window that you will get, enter the amount and wallet address to proceed with the withdrawal ( If you send to wrong address, you may loose the OTN's as they cannot be recovered. So make sure the wallet address is correct before sending any OTN Tokens. )


( In order to withdraw OTN tokens, you require a verified IQ Option Account and at least 10 OTN token in your IQ account )

2. Purchase OTN Token on crypto exchanges

You can buy OTN tokens from any of the below crypto exchanges.

Trading & Crypto investments do carry a high level of risk. Therefore invest only what you can afford to take a risk with guys !

If you want to learn about OTN in Sinhala, you can refer Open Trading Network (OTN) in Sinhala article

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