How to Get Sri Lankan passport ? Requirements and Process


Today we are going to learn about the requirements and process in getting the Sri Lankan Passport which is useful for not only travel purpose but also as an identity proof ( with various companies and websites ). Also it is good to have the passport ready, so that you don't need to go and get it in a rush incase you get an opportunity to travel overseas.. =)

1) Book a date and time

You need to go to Sri Lanka Passport Application Reservation System and book a date & time. Most of the time the nearest dates are booked. 😥 So normally around 12.00 - 12.20 midnight every day, the next day opens up for booking. So check and reserve a day accordingly. You will receive a receipt after booking. Take a print out of that and take that with you when visiting the passport office.

2) Sri Lankan Passport Document Requirements

a - Original National Identity card and Copy of it

b - Certified Copy of Birth Certificate ( taken within last three months )

Take that yellow colour birth certificate that you may be having at the moment or any certified copy of the birth certificate that you have with you to the nearest Divisional Secretariat Office ( Most of the Birth Certificates are available in the common system they have but in case if they don't have it, then you will have to visit the Divisional Secretariat office located at your birthplace ).

If it is available, fill the form they give you and make the payment ( You can take any number of copies and pay accordingly). After sometimes they will issue your copy ( might have to wait sometimes depending on the crowd )

c - Get Photo studio acknowledgement

Important Notice : Make sure you made a date reservation for the passport as per the step 01. Then visit the studio and take the photo prior to a week or less than that. This way your photo acknowledgements validity period will be intact. Reason is those who have taken photos way earlier than booking date had to take photos again after visiting the passport office. So it will be a waste of your time and money too. 

Go to the nearest Photo studio registered with Passport Office ( Check the list here . Generally the photo studios at every town are registered with Passport Office ) and tell them that you need to get a photo for the passport.   They will take your photos and submit the photo to the Passport Office System. Then they will give you a Photo studio acknowledgement. Take this with you when you are going to passport office.

d - Documents to Verify Your Profession - ( For those who want to indicate your profession in passport. So Optional thing )

You need to provide originals ( they will give this back to you at the counter itself ) and copies of those documents that can be used to verify your profession ( eg : Doctor, Engineer, Accountant  etc.. ). Well this is only necessary,  if you wish to have your profession in your passport ...otherwise no need to follow this step.

e -  Download and fill the passport application form

Go to Immigration Website . Then download and fill the application form ( Don't fill the section marked as Office Use Only ! )

f ) Ready the Fees

One Day Service : Rs 15000/- ( Generally can be collected after three hours from the time of payment )

Normal Service : Rs.3,500/-   ( It will take 14 working days to receive the passport )

( If you are not in a hurry, Normal Service would be more than enough  😀 )

3) Go to the Passport Office on the day of the appointment

Previously one day service was only available at the Battaramulla Head Office but now available at Vavuniya, Matara and Kandy regional branches too. Normal Service is available at Battaramulla, Kandy, Matara, Vavuniya and Kurunegala Offices as usual. Go early as possible prior to the given time for you via the online passport appointment system 😎

Go to the office and join the correct queue ( At the Battaramulla Offic, One Day and Normal Service are taken in two separate queues). First they will check the booking appointment. Then your documents and photo studio acknowledgement. If all good, they will collect your documents at one of the counters. Then they will take the Finger Prints and finally make the payment at the last counter.

One day Service - You can generally collect the passport after about 3-8 hours time ( have patience because sometimes this counter has a delay and also due to current high demand, the time to process and finalize does take unexpected time.  )

Normal Service - Passport will be sent to your address after it is ready ( Earlier it took only 14 days to arrive but now it takes around 2-3 months time. If it is an urgent matter, you can show the relevant document & receive it faster than that ).

That's it !

Well compared to most of the other government offices, passport office in Battaramulla is one of the best places as the service is very good, Officers and Security members are very helpful to everyone. If they can improve that delay in the counter that issue's passport, can give 10/10 for the passport office. Also you can find a good quality cafeteria too.. ( Specially good for those who have come for one day service ). The passport offices in other areas does need more improvements service wise and staff wise as well. Hope those centers improve too very soon.

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    One day passport

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      You have to make a booking online and visit the chosen office.

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